Beyond the Course Load: How to Think About Marketing While in College

You don’t need a degree in marketing to have a successful career in the industry

You can leverage your involvement in university clubs & student organizations as opportunities to gain marketing experience

  • Social Media: Create content, schedule posts, interact with followers, and drive engagement
  • Graphic Design: Design digital posters and social media graphics
  • Webmaster/Website: Learn how to keep a newly updated website post about resources and events
  • Events: Brainstorm and execute possible events for the student body
  • Community Outreach: Plan out and participate in volunteering and fundraising events for students
  • PR: Develop relationships with outside businesses and people to promote the organization
  • Content: Write blog posts or articles for clubs as well as copy for social media and websites

You can volunteer for initiatives that you are passionate about, which can be added to your resume

You can learn about marketing through your classes or electives.


Giselle Criollo



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