Our journey with MKTG WMN: A one year reflection

Co-Founders Natalie Cantave (left) and Gabrielle Dalvet (right)

What about MKTG WMN continues to drive you?

How has it been balancing MKTG WMN with a full-time job? What are some of the challenges?

What have been some of the biggest surprises with MKTG WMN?

What did we accomplish within the first year?

Who are we thankful for?

What is our vision for year 2?

  1. Engagement — How can we build on our organic growth? How can we better engage our community and provide them with what they need? What content do members want to read?
  2. Sponsorship — I would love to see marketing agencies and technology companies sponsor us so that we can continue to grow and support our community
  3. More events — I’d love to see us planning in-person events so that way we are providing opportunities for in-person connection and networking. I know it’s something that I definitely miss and hope to bring that to MKTG WMN while tackling the ongoing pandemic
  4. Website enhancements — How can we improve our website so that it features content about the industry/content that members want to read or come to our website? One enhancement that I’m excited to work on is our job board — I’d love to develop a job board so that women in our community can find great opportunities
  5. Better time management/work efficiency — How can I (as a co-founder) better manage my time so that way I can work smarter and feel more productive on MKTG WMN tasks? How can I better balance my full-time responsibilities with MKTG WMN and life outside of work?

Looking to the future



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